About the maker

Self-portrait cleaning dovetail joints

I am a woodworker and signwriter based in the North East of England. Originally from Switzerland, I dedicated many years to political science before embracing a more creative path. The time I spent living abroad in Georgia, Argentina and Nepal inspires my aesthetic tastes as an artist and craftsperson. I honed my skills in bespoke design for unusual spaces during the five years I spent living on a narrowboat in London. In 2023, I finally settled down in the rolling hills of County Durham, UK, where I have converted a set of antique horse stables into my personal workshop. 

Today I specialize in fine furniture, but I enjoy finding creative solutions to meet my clients’ needs whatever they may be– from restoring antique pieces to developing new designs to suit unique spaces (listed buildings, houseboats, vans, gardens etc.).

About my craft

My craft has an immediate connection with the raw material I work with. I believe every piece of wood, no matter how many knots, cracks, or rough edges, can become a beautiful piece of art. I source all of my wood from sustainable suppliers here in the North East of England. Whenever possible, I collaborate with local tree surgeons and wood mills to make use of material that would otherwise be thrown away. My designs follow the characteristics, shapes, and condition of each piece of wood I acquire. This philosophy goes hand-in-hand with the traditional joinery techniques I use – chisel, saw, plane and mallet. Generally all my furniture is joined without any screws or nails, and I often use differently coloured woods so that joints become a design feature in themselves.


Fine furniture & bespoke woodcraft

Durham, England